Blackjack is among the most played games in the casinos among professionals due to its low house edge. Another reason gamers like blackjack are that the game can be won using a few math skills. Card counting is a popular term that you may have heard in casino movies. It can relatively increase the odds of winning for any player if done right. Still, blackjack is good for beginners who are not familiar with counting strategies if they know a few simple rules. Here is how you can win blackjack using these simple strategies.

Learn the basic strategy

The basic strategy of blackjack teaches beginners when to hit, split, stand, and double down their hands. This can lower the house edge of blackjack from 1 or 2% to 0.5%. That is the lowest house edge you can find on any game in the casino. The basic strategy explains:

Stand when you have 12-16 against dealer’s 2-6s.

Hit when you have 12-16 against the dealer’s 7-Aces.

Always split Aces and 8s.

Double 11 against dealer’s 2-10.

Hit or double Aces-6 always.

You can learn these basic strategies and stick to them to become consistent with winning.


Check the dealer’s up card

The cards of the dealer make all the difference in the games and your decisions. Always keep an eye on the up cards of the dealer. It will help you plan your next move. If the dealer’s upcard is between 2-6, it is bad. If the dealer’s upcard is between 7-Ace, it is good. The cards with the dealer make all the difference between the strategies you will make.

Do not take the first seat

You should get enough time to see and plan your move on seeing the dealer’s upcard. When you are at the first seat, you will have to make a move instantly. You may feel the pressure of others waiting for you, which can interrupt your decisions. Sit further down the turn to get enough time to review the upcards of the dealer and make your next move.

Always start small

Establish a stronghold on the game before you start making any money from it. Blackjack is not like poker, and playing aggressively in the beginning, does not help you in any way. Start slow and try to get the hang of the game when you join the table. Find out whether the dealer is hot or cold. If the dealer has been cold for a long time, it might just be the time when you step into the game.

Winning Blackjack

Avoid the blackjack myths

Learn the difference between the strategies and myths that surround blackjack. One common myth that people have is that card counting is tough and illegal when it is none of those. Card counting can become pretty easy if you have good addition and subtraction skills. On top of that, it is not a criminal offense to count cards during the game. Only when you are caught, you may be asked to leave or get banned from the casino permanently. But you cannot be accused of any crime for that. Blow off the myths and the people who claim to be experts and like to give advice.