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Poker Versus Blackjack: The Similarities & Differences You Need To Know


Two of the most popular games today is the blackjack and poker in both the physical as well as virtual casinos. These games in not a matter of luck but pure skills and learned tactics which gives you a fair advantage and an edge over the other players. The ability of the player is what takes them to the next step when it comes to players of both poker and blackjacks, this ability increases you chances of winning and acquiring the skill required to play with the gamblers. There are few similarities and dissimilarities that go with poker and blackjacks which are discussed below.


The similarities

It’s all in the decision

One of the key similarity is that it all starts when we play our initial bets whereas the games moves on you make a series of decision after which the next player takes their turn. This decision determines your odds at winning the game. With all the combinations it is you need to assured that they have all passed and the next placed is the winning bet. In both the games, the more in-dept you go the element of skill will be a factor.


There are variations of both

There are many variations of both poker and blackjacks and it is very to see that casinos create a new game all together. There are roughly more than 27 different blackjack games and about 21 variation of the poker. These cards are very rarely seen been played in their original set of rules, they are extremely entertaining.


The stakes can increase as you play


In both the game, the variations you are able to increase the amount of money you are betting, One starts off with a relatively small bet and if the odds are getting the game progresses which maximizes your chances of winning. For the games the player requires you to have a good grasp on the skills and combinations that go into playing the game strategically.


The dissimilarities


There are many dissimilarities when it comes to making your decision in blackjack as you are reacting to the dealer’s hand. The dealer has to pay for a set of rules and must draw and split to have an increased chances of winning. In poker the player has to fold, raise the stakes, call or check and requires different knowledge and experience to make the right decision.



Blackjack is game which depends on speed to help raise the stakes but poker can last quite a while. Blackjack is generally good when you are good with math as it is relative short in comparison to poker.

All You Need To Know About Blackjack Splitting


There are many versions of blackjacks and in most of the versions of blackjack, there are times when you have to split the pair. You play each hand and you do not get two chances while playing a normal hand. If you are playing for a high level, it is important that you know when to split. As they are only 10 card values, it is up to you to memorize every situation.


Always split aces

There are some cases in blackjacks when you know you can spit as showing this will give you much higher chances to show a stronger hand. When you play two aces as on hand, you will always start on the 12 value and having a 9 can give you 21 to bring back the 12. If you split it four ways to get a 12 you need to have a 10, Joker, queen or king.


Always split eights

Every blackjack will tell you to split an eight other than aces as it is difficult to play a hand when you have an eight in hand. The chances you get are mathematically not good. When you are playing an eight, you start out with a 16 which is weak and if you hit not, you risk proposition. This will give you a 60% chances of loosing, which is not good. Also, if you try to split you might get a bust on the first hit but you have chances of getting a favourable hand.



Always re-split aces or eights, if you are dealt a second pair

When the dealer gives you two cards on each for a new hand, you get a second pair. You can treat it as its own and split it again. This move requires you to triple you bet and house rules might vary here as most blackjack games allow you to split the maximum of three times, if you play four hands.


You should never split tens

This is a common mistake as if you are sacrificing the 10 you are essentially losing a great hand. If you are playing 10 you are essentially losing a value of 20 which is quite good and to split 10s you need aces to improve the stance which will give ti an equal or lesser value. Expert suggests that it makes sense to split a 10 when the dealer shows 5 or 6 as this way you can have a chance at getting a 20.

Never split fours

If you split four, you are essentially giving two weak hands which make no sense as splitting requires you to double your original wager which means you will be splitting and losing money propositionally.



Blackjack’s Rise And Fall Shows What Drives Customers Away


Blackjack is game for the intellectuals as it requires you to have a strong grasp on math if you want a chance to beat the house. Blackjack has faded from its initial success as getting the right numbers is tough, and not everyone can do it. It is also called the twenty-one where the player gets two cards and the dealer gets two cards and one of which is visible on the table. It is up to the player to decide if he can hit, stand, split or double down.


This game dates back to the middle of the 18th century where gamblers spend their past times playing. For more than 200 years this game was the equivalent of benchwarmer. With the introduction of many popular games in casinos of Las Vegas, this game was put in the side run. Blackjack was the game which was the game where the dealer and the individual get to pit each other. As blackjack involved a lot of strategies, it was not considered party-appropriate enough in the early 1950s, which became less and less popular as the time went by. This is when casinos started to introduce games which were more crowd-pleasing games. Math games like blackjacks were given the sideline.



As blackjack started to lose its popularity, A journal of American Statistical Association described the mathematical rule set used in the game of Blackjacks was correct. Knowing the approaches dictates how to proceed with the game with any hand. If the basic strategy was used, it cut the houses edge to a zero. In 1962, the best seller from PhD Mathematician EdThorp titled ‘Beat the dealer,’ explained all the ways you can beat the dealer and win at the game by counting cards. The book explained that keeping track of the cards may higher the value of your cards, which give you a statistical advantage over the house.


If you are willing to learn the game, a person needs to be smart with math, have a disciplined playing quality, always play in a way which can statistically give you a higher chance of beating. Blackjack became the game where the casino owners were realising the value of a smart, disciplined player and wanted to give them something they could enjoy. By the time of the 1960s the game of blackjack became instructive, the game was the same but there were many new versions of it launched in attempts to make the game more approachable, where a group of individuals can enjoy the factor of winning. Blackjack is now seen growing in popularity like no other as people trying to give this old game spin and many casinos are accepting this game in spite of the casino has no advantage, which makes it a fair game.